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This is where you can view
the hilarious and joy- enducing
content I make from time to 
time. For your information,
this is where I'll be active most
of the time. 


Literally, all of my games are played through this particualr account. Therefore, you'll always see me active on Steam. Hmmm... might need to rephrase that...


Okay, I just want to say, I am not that guy who uses Facebook at all, when I say at all, I mean, not at all. Try not to contact me through Facebook Messenger all the time. Okay, thank you....


My discord gamertag is mayvtheawesome#6733. Click on the Discord icon to download Discord if you don't have Discord... sorry for the changes. 


My Outlook Email address is Click on the Outlook icon to message me on Outlook right now! Thank you!


My Twitch account is just a huge laugh. If you do not wish to follow it, it is fine. That's probably because I do not really have the proper equipment to livestream, but, there's still hope and I'll probably livestream soon...