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Partially Full

Hello there, just wanted to ask, what would you rather do to a drive that is partially-filled with your data. By the way, the drive is very old, it is about 14 years old now. Should I maintain the drive or replace with a new drive. Also, anyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you want to discuss about this with me, click on either of the buttons below and write your answer along with your discussion. Otherwise, just put your answer. Have a nice day
- 24th June 2018

Hey Guys, just discovered a new problem on my computer right now. The problem is that I ain't receiving any updates from the Microsoft Settings app at the moment. This absolutely scares me as there are a lot of cyber threats out there that we should avoid. Technically, I used the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and the Windows Update Assistant, but, the April 2018 Update (Code 1803) doesn't seem to be installing onto my computer. Any suggestion, please let me know by clicking the "Send a suggestion" button below. That's it for now and please take care everybody!